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This service as all my others features weathering undertaken by hand to fully replicate real processes but also employing airbrushing processes amongst other techniques to ensure the items look just as they should. A time consuming process results in me being able to offer you locos that are truely unique... no item is ever the same.


I always base my weathering on photos of the real thing. Therefore if you have any specific photos that you would like me to base my weathering on thats great and i can certainly strive to get them to match the photo as much as possible for you.


If you want me to carry these processes out on your own wagons please visit the 'CONTACT' section of the website for full details of how to proceed.


O Gauge Weathering Service



Small wagons e.g Planked wagons, Vent vans, Coal hoppers etc                         £15


Large wagons and Coaches e.g Bogie tank wagons, Parcel Vans, Coaches         £30


Diesel -Shunters and smaller locos e.g class 03, 08, Industrial shunters etc     £60


Diesel, Electric or Hydraulic locos e.g Class 20, class 87, class 52                     £75


Steam-Shunters and smaller locos e.g 0-4-0 and 0-6-0                                       £60


Steam Locos e.g Class A4, Fairburn tank, 9F, 5MT etc                                      £100


In general, weathering, be it light medium or heavy is a similar process so its all priced the same no matter what level you desire. However there may be occasional extra costs for any more complex weathering such as hopper wagons that are heavily rust marked as these processes take a long time to do. However if any doubts just drop me a message with your requests and i can give you an accurate quote.